Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Hack for Android & iOS

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Hack for Android & iOS

Do you want to play Hogwarts Mystery as much as possible but can’t afford to do so? Then we have you covered with our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hack. What this tool does is allow you generate an infinite amount of coins and gems, absolutely free!!

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack

As hinted above, to get the most out of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you will need energy all of the time in order to run. You have to constantly wait hours for it to refill so you can continue, which nobody wants to do. This of course, destroys the fun and there is basically nothing you can do about it. Unless of course you spend lots of real money on in app purchases.

This is exactly the reason why we decided to create this hack for you guys.

Go To Our Hogwarts Mystery Hack

To access our hack tool, simply click on the button below:

Hogwarts Mystery Hack

You can use this hack on both the Android and iOS version of the game. Once you have entered your requirements into the online hack, you simply click on the generate button and let the hack do its thing. Seconds later….. FREE Resources

Nobody but us can guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of our hacks. This Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery online hack is completely free and you have any questions or problems, be sure to contact us. We are more than willing to help.

This Hogwarts Mystery Coin & Gem hack requires no download or installation. All you need is an internet connection as the hack is hosted online.

Why do you need gems and coins?

The most important use for gems is to gain energy. This is needed to continue to solve puzzles. You can also customize your characters and buy them different hairstyles and accessories. e.g.. a hairstyle would cost the equivalent of up to $40 in real money. With the Harry Potter HM hack it will cost you NOTHING. Our tool is absolutely necessary if you do not want to spend any real money and still actively playing as much as you want.

I almost forgot to say that we have installed a new anti-ban and proxy system in our tool , so nobody knows if you’ve used our hack to get free coins and gems in your Hogwarts Mystery profile.

Hogwarts Mystery hack ios

Hogwarts Mystery

The overall slowness of the game is crazy and a real bummer. Since Hogwarts is mainly an institution, a good deal of your energy goes into learning spells and potions. If you watch the video, you’ll see a system of starch, several currencies, and the rest that will surely upset people here: coins are the first currency, and they’re better to earn in the game than the extra money from Gems. Of course, these gems are used almost exclusively to find the best items in the game, at least largely of a cosmetic nature. Great so far! Everything works really smoothly and very fast.

There have been several occasions when my student had a blond mane when she actually has brownish hair, but apart from that, there are no major glitches or mistakes. You can even take part in alternative activities, such as dueling with other students, getting to know Hogwarts better, and making friends with other students. In summary, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a casino game that has a lot of potential but can not stand it. As it is now, this game would be better suited as a visible novel that you could spend like some coins in advance and have the freedom to try it out at your own pace without the ready times or energy hats. I’ll revise you if / when the upgrade finally comes out.

Quick Tip

There is also free energy in the game at Hogwarts. In the video of YouTuber “Go Shiny Hunter” you can see the sites of the free energy in the castle. From minute 1:12 you see the hiding places. You just have to tap on the appropriate spot and you get an energy point. Below we have listed all the places where you can find energy according to “Go Shiny Hunter”:

  • East Towers: Tap on the black painting
  • West Towers: Tap the painting on the far right with the flowers
  • Lower Ground West: Next to the large hall, tap right column of light and the middle knight
  • Dungeon: Tap Dobby


According to “Go Shiny Hunter”, the sites are supposed to provide energy every four hours. So you can farm energy daily. Remember, however, that you should not visit the sites with full energy, because you do not get extra energy. She is lost then.

You can watch Go Shiny Hunters video below and see for yourself:

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