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Description of Clash of Kings For Windows


Clash of Kings for PCClash of Kings is a strategy game in which, you can create a city, proceed to the recruitment of soldiers to train then to launch conquests of territories, develop and extend your empire.

Initially, you have the capital, where you have libraries, farms, mines, houses. Thanks to these elements you can evolve quietly in the game. For example, houses give you the opportunity to recruit soldiers, libraries allow you to develop weapons technologies to exterminate your opponents and always dominate them.

When you have been able to protect your empire with protection systems, you can launch attacks with your army on the main map. From this card, you can attack your opponents. Other players’ resources will be hard to reach, but the monsters will be easy to exterminate. Clash of Kings is a nice game to play and awesome.

Conquest of other kingdoms

In Clash of Kings you will also attack other kingdoms and show your dominion to expand your empire. It’s a multiplayer game in which you will meet new players and compete against others around the world. Clash of Kings takes you to a medieval world where action dominates. It will be possible to use dragons to attack other kingdoms.

Attacks to dread

Be careful, however, Clash of Kings is not a restful game, because your opponents will not leave you alone. They will constantly launch attacks against you. You will fight while improving the strength of your army and your castle. You will be able to use the resources obtained during the fighting to improve your army and your weapons. You can also form alliances with other players to be effective. It will finally be possible to use three families of dragons namely the Yamatos, the Vikings or the Ascendant.

How to install Clash of Kings on your computer?

Installation of this game could not be any simpler.

  1. Just go back to the top of this page and click on the download button
  2. You will then be taken to the download page
  3. Click on the files download link and you will be presented with a human verification that contains multiple free offers
  4. Complete one of these offers to confirm that you are not a bot
  5. The game will then start to download
  6. Upon completion, double-click on the downloaded zip file and extract the game to your desktop (or anywhere else that you want to put it)
  7. Double click on the games file that you just extracted
  8. Enjoy

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