Block Windows April Update: How to Stop the Microsoft Automatic Update

The Windows April Update (the former Spring Creators Update) is now really done and while Windows fans are rubbing their hands, many users are annoyed by the frequent updates. It is a good idea to wait with the Windows April Update. How to block it.

Updates are important, there is consensus. Microsoft goes into Windows 10 but very brisk to the point and activates an automatic, which retrieves and installs any pending updates. Basically, that’s a good idea, but in practice, it hooks up. One reason is the frequent updates, not everyone wants or can bring in a new version twice a year.
Anyway, it’s smart to wait for a pending update like the Windows April Update, until the teething troubles are over. How to block the Windows April Update or delay the installation.

Benefits for Windows 10 Pro users

For users of Windows 10 Pro and also for its enterprise customers Microsoft offers more control over updates. In the update settings, the item “Advanced options” is the right place to go. You can completely pause there with updates, at least for up to 35 days. You can also push the installation time. If you want to postpone the Windows April update for two weeks, scroll down to the function updates and select a delay of 14 days.

Updates are blocking on Windows 10 Home

For home users Windows 10 Home is provided and this user group probably does not trust Microsoft that they take updates in their own hands. Unfortunately there are missing the switches of the pro version of Windows 10 described above. So what to do? To delay the Windows April Update, you can resort to a trick and set your Internet connection as “timed”.

Windows 10 then saves on downloads and does not load big chunks like the Windows April Update. You can do that under “Network and Internet”. If you go into the net via WLAN, click on “WLAN” and then the active connection. Set the switch under “Timed connection” to “On”.


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